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Can relationships be measured

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Can relationships be measured?

Source:  |  Webinar: November 10, 2022  |  

In the B2B world, relationships are key to customer happiness and NRR. But relationships have always been hard to define, track, and measure, so how can we wrap our KPIs around it?

Join Maranda Dziekonski and Kate Neal to discuss what KPIs we can define to measure relationships with our customers, how we can keep those scores intact and maintainable, and integrate that with our overall strategy, health scores, and team’s KPIs.

Take 22 minutes to explore Customer Analytics

What Will You Learn?

  • What are the CS KPIs for success?
  • Automated vs Manual KPI tracking
  • How to predict customer loyalty?


Maranda Dziekonski

Chief Customer Officer, Swiftly

Kate Neal

Kate Neal

Director of Customer Success, Staircase AI


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