Who We Are

Who We Are?

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the pioneering Customer Success Knowledge Hub and Community in the Middle East, a unique initiative that has been established with the specific aim of fostering exponential growth and success in the careers of dedicated Customer Success professionals. This innovative initiative, founded by the visionary Mohammed Alqaq, is wholeheartedly committed to providing an array of comprehensive resources, knowledge, and a supportive, interactive community for individuals working in the dynamic field of Customer Success.

Our mission is not merely to provide resources, but to empower these professionals with the knowledge, tools, and practical skills they need to truly excel in their roles and make a significant, measurable impact within their organizations. We believe in the power of learning and the importance of collaboration, and through promoting these values among our members, we strive to continuously elevate the standard of Customer Success in the Middle East.

By joining our community, members can expect to enhance their understanding, gain new insights, and engage in meaningful discussions that can help them navigate their career path in the Customer Success field more effectively. In essence, we are more than just a community; we are a robust platform for growth, learning, and success for all Customer Success professionals in the Middle East.

Our Mission is to Empower Customer Success in The Middle East

Leadership Team

Mohammed Alqaq_Headshot

Mohammed Alqaq


2023 Top100 Customer Success Strategist. Customer Success Leader, Professional Services Leader. Mohammed has been instrumental in helping professionals realize value and achieve their desired outcomes through an extraordinary success journey. Throughout his 18-year journey in customer-facing roles, Mohammed has had the privilege of managing international teams and fostering exceptional relationships with customers worldwide.

In 2023, he was honored to be recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Customer Success Strategists,’ and was nominated as one of the ‘Most Creative Customer Success Leaders in 2023 & 2024.’ These recognitions represent not only personal milestones but also a testament to his dedication to redefining customer success. His journey in this field is not just about achieving results, but also about creating meaningful, long-lasting experiences that drive business growth.


Gema Tamames Monzon

Coaching Program Director

Tala Oubari

Success Manager


Ambassadors Program Manager

Advisory Board

Maryann Lazzeri_CSME_Advisory_Board

Maryann Lazzeri

With over a decade of dedicated experience in Customer Success, Maryann Lazzeri is a seasoned professional who currently serves as a Senior Technical Account Manager within the Customer Success Group at Salesforce. Her extensive background reflects a commitment to fostering client satisfaction and leveraging technical expertise to drive success in every interaction.


Marco Carrubba

An accomplished senior leader with a rich corporate background and a keen interest in the London startup ecosystem: he worked for Microsoft for twelve years, Vmware for two years, Vodafone for five years and founded one startup, as well as being an angel investor and mentor. Marco is usually called in to architect the culture of a team, hire talented people and turn them into a powerhouse for the business whilst ensuring customers find value in the services they buy and can realize their full potential and aspirations.


Jason Noble

A recognized industry leader in customer success and technology services, and has spent the last 20+ years helping organisations across multiple industry sectors, to be more customer centric and to position customer success as a real growth engine. The co-founder and co-host of the renowned customer growth podcast series, “The Jasons Take On”.


Elizabeth Blass

A two-time Chief Customer Officer with over 15 years of global leadership experience in the technology sector. Elizabeth recently joined Karbon, the leading accounting practice management software company. In her previous role at TrustArc, she helped to transform the company from an early-stage startup into a leading player in the data privacy software space. Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in Strategy, Management, and Leadership from MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business. She is an advocate for diversity and serves as a coach and mentor, with a focus on women in tech.


Cinthia Silva

A Customer Success leader working at the Fintech division of Nasdaq. She spent the bulk of her career in client-facing roles and have developed collaborative relationships that helped her clients grow their businesses. She is a strong believer in thought leadership initiatives and community-led growth which has led to opportunities to share her insights on podcasts and interviews as well as being recognized as one of the Top 25 Customer Success Influencers of 2023.


Stuart Scott

Dynamic and results-driven leader with over 16 years of experience within SaaS organizations, catalyzing transformative strategies for market leaders and spearheading Customer Success initiatives. A significant portion of his career was at a FTSE100 company, where he learned the art of fostering customer-centric cultures and steering large teams toward unparalleled success. currently leading the Customer Delivery function at Cisco, following our (Smartlook) acquisition, where I bring a track record of consistently driving impactful change and fostering a culture of excellence.

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CS Podcast in Arabic

The first Customer Success podcast in Arabic dedicated to empowering Customer Success professionals in the Middle East. Our mission is to elevate the practice of Customer Success by providing valuable insights, expert interviews, and actionable strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of the region.


Customer Success Meetups

These events are structured to provide practical, actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately within your organization. Our primary goal is to empower the practice of customer success in the Middle East and facilitate the growth and development of customer success professionals, and managers across the region.

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