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The Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM) programs are the only industry-recognized and accredited credentials focused specifically on the role of the Customer Success Manager. As a CCSM, you will gain the skills needed to manage your customers efficiently and effectively – now and in the future. You will develop core competencies that will enable you to demonstrate your expertise in Customer Success Management, drive results in your own organization, and enable you to help your customers to achieve success.

The CCSM programs were established to create an internationally accepted level of knowledge, education and expertise, by which companies and universities could recognize Customer Success management professionals.

They teach CSMs best practices that enable them to engage, manage, and retain customers. Here are the five levels in the course:

  • CCSM Level 1 focuses on engaging, managing, and retaining customers, and designing plans, and building business reviews for onboarding success.
  • CCSM Level 2 curriculum focuses on refining the ability to manage multiple accounts and internal relationships.
  • CCSM Level 3 focuses on developing skills that you’ll need to become a strategic customer success manager.
  • CCSM Level 4 curriculum provides you with the skills you’ll need to  drive portfolio or account expansion
  • CCSM Level 5 curriculum focuses on expanding your capabilities and skill set to evolve your Customer Success practices and further your CSM career.