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What is Customer Adoption?

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What is Customer Adoption? & How to Improve it?

Source:  |  Author: Sivan Michaeli-Roimi  |  

Companies are so focused on new business metrics that they tend to totally miss out on the best strategy of all – happy customers. But how can you achieve this goal? You have to show them value, features they can’t live without. In the B2B world, this process starts with driving active customer adoption. When customers are hooked and use your product regularly, customer lifetime value skyrockets accordingly. 

What is Customer Adoption?

Customer adoption is essentially a business process that’s used to create sticky, long-lasting accounts. This process involves the creation of a continuous feedback loop between the customer and your product to ensure active usage, usage expansion and growth. To achieve this, most companies implement processes that include onboarding flows, engagement tracking, escalation points, and feature usage monitoring. The customer adoption process is all about helping customers maximize their potential enablement with pre-planned journeys and effective pushing of the features your solution or application is offering, based on the customer’s needs.

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