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State of Customer Success 2022

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State of Customer Success 2022

Source: Customer Success Collective |  

Uncover the latest industry insights and secrets with this exploration into the current customer success landscape

What’s in this report

Customer Success Collective said:”Last year we disrupted the customer success space by bringing you a study of the CS landscape, and an appreciation of all the nuances and interpretations that surround customer success.

This year, we’ve put our investigative hats back on and re-analyzed the current state of customer success. What has changed since 2021? Are CS functions (and their parent organizations) reflecting the current tempestuous global economic climate?

With customer success firmly under our microscope once again, you can expect our report to reveal:

  • If (and how has) customer success changed over the past 12 months
  • The roles, responsibilities, and team infrastructures
  • How customer success is measured
  • Essential customer success skills
  • The value of customer success
  • The future of customer success
  • Customer success tips and tricks


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