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Customer Success Terms and Definition – Lincoln Murphy

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Customer Success Terms and Definition - Lincoln Murphy

Source: https://sixteenventures.com/  |  Author: Lincoln Murphy  |  

Words can mean different things at different times. They come into existence to express thoughts by a group of people that share them, at a point in time, with a meaning that reflects their origin, use, and timeframe. In short, if you define your key terms, you’ll clarify the concepts behind the terms you are using in that argument, in the document you wrote, and in your discussion or presentation.

In the world of business everything influences everything else. Documenting how business terms (and the things they represent in real life) are connected with each other is just as important for the proper understanding of a term’s context as a harmonized definition is.

Customer Success Definition

Customer Success is one of the most valuable concepts in business and is constantly evolving. The more contact the ideas and concepts underlying Customer Success have with customers, the more learning occurs and the more those things evolve.

Lincoln Murphy has created a list of the latest definitions of many of the core Customer Success concepts and terms, starting with higher-level ideas and moving down toward more actionable concepts.

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