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Empowering Customer Success in The Middle East

The First Customer Success Knowledge Hub & Community in the Middle East.
Exists solely for the purpose of helping Customer Success professionals learn, grow and be successful in their Customer Success careers.

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Mohammed Alqaq

Customer Success Executive, CS Enthusiast, Professional Services Experience Leader, Certified Customer Success Manager. Helping professionals realize value and achieve their desired outcome through an extraordinary success journey

Experienced Customer Success and Professional Services Executive Manager with a History of Accelerated Revenue Generation. Superb Client Relationship Building, and Maintenance.

17+ years of successful global experience and leadership in delivering Customer Success Management, and Professional Services. I am an operator, a problem solver, and a customer advocate who has a proven track record of building and leading global teams that scale and succeed.

A proven record of resolving complex challenges, meeting objectives, and overseeing global resources, expectations, and deadlines. An action-oriented leader who can deliver results across a variety of functions to drive an organization forward to achieve ambitious goals.

It took me a few years to learn the secret about Client Success, but since then, something unexpected has happened.

My Webinars & Interviews

Boost Customer Engagement with this 8-step process!

Maximizing customer engagement is of utmost importance in customer success. By actively engaging with customers, businesses can enhance satisfaction and loyalty, gather invaluable feedback, harness customer advocacy, reduce support costs, uncover upselling opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage.


Mohammed Alqaq - Rebels of SaaS Podcast

Rebels of SaaS Podcast

Join me and  as we talk about all of the great customer success talent inside the Eastern part of the world. Explaining the initiatives and work I am doing to help give the Eastern community tools, training, and spirit toward success within the CS practice!

Check out episode 13 

Play Video about CSM Mastermind: Leading Effective Meetings

CSM Mastermind: Leading Effective Meetings

During the live event, the panelists discussed the Important elements of an effective meeting and what you should focus on before, during, and after the meeting in order to ensure success. Why setting an agenda is important, and how to establish ground rules and roles for meeting participants. What are your responsibilities as the meeting’s leader and what are the positive or negative experiences with leading meetings

How to Elevate Your Customer Relationship Strategy!

In this interview with Irit Eizips, We discussed the framework that I have developed that ensures customer relation management is being done right.

We also discussed how this Customer Relation Matrix and Communication and Outcome Matrix can solve a lot of Customer relationship management issues.


My Articles

Gaining Customers’ Trust

Co-authored article with Delia Visan