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The Role of Data in CS

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In the world of SaaS, customer retention and expansion are critical to achieving long-term success. However, despite the importance of customer data in driving these outcomes, many customer-facing teams are still equipped with incomplete, disconnected, and low-resolution data. Studies show that while businesses are collecting more data than ever before, most of it is unused or underutilized.

On Wednesday, April 12th at 11:00 AM PST / 20:00 CE* Custify has invited Irit Eizips to explore the challenges of working with customer data and discuss best practices for leveraging it effectively to drive better outcomes. They’ll delve into:


Irit Eizips

CS Leadership Coach | Top 50 Women Leaders In CS 2022 | Top 100 CS Strategist 2022

Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice, is a world-renowned expert in customer success strategies. She was nominated Top Customer Success strategist and influencer, year after year since 2013 for her contributions in shaping CS methodologies.

Early 2023, Irit was named as one of the Top 1 00 Customer Success Influencers and in 2022 – Top 25 Most Innovative Leaders in CX. In 2021, Irit was recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Inspirational Leaders and Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders.


Head of Marketing at Custify

Irina is a product-led growth marketer with more than 15 years of experience in the field, focused on GTM strategy, messaging & positioning, competitive intelligence and many more. She is passionate about building high performance teams globally, developing talent while integrating customer insights into the product development process.